Only $119,900
(Not on the MLS)
Folio: 30-8809-000-0074

Only 12k per Acre..Say What?
What do Donald Trump, Howard Hughes, and Bob Hope have in common? They’ve all made fortunes buying undeveloped land
This parcel is located right on the outskirts of a developed area in Florida City….and if history repeats itself as it always does…the city will grow in its direction.
At only 12k per acre you’ll be getting the best deal per acre Available or Sold all year.
This land is undeveloped with no zoning, no road access, no water or sewer hookups.
Its best to buy and hold longterm for purpose of land banking.
So if your money making .0009% in the bank, consider land banking!
Invest in a fixed asset where supply will always go down and never up.
What is Land Banking? Listen here
Folio# 30-8803-000-0270 SOLD FOR 18K PER ACRE
Folio# 30-9905-000-2575 SOLD FOR 20K PER ACRE
Folio# 30-8918-000-0070 SOLD FOR 31K PER ACRE

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Beat Other Investors to Deeply Discounted Homes!

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