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‘Off Market’

DUPLEX 2/1 & 1/1 Huge lot in back that can fit another duplex zoned for 9 units.

-A 2/1 & 1/1
-Needs 4-7k to be Flipped or rent ready
-Can fit another 4 units in the backyard lot, which also comes with the purchase.


RENTS FOR 1700 – 2100 Easy!

ARV Rehabbed 210k – 225k




Step 1 - Contact Us

You can comment below or contact us via phone to learn more about this property.

Step 2 - View/Drive By

Request to go view the property and find out if it’s a good fit for your investment style.

Step 3 - Offer Accepted

Once your offer is accepted submit a deposit and start doing title and lien search.

Step 4 - Start Making Money!

You will collect the keys and start renting or flipping for maximing profits.

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