Have you noticed the construction along 441?
Well unless you have been riding a space ship though Hollywood..you can’t help but run into it..literally.
After decades in the making US-441/State Road 7 Roadway Project finally went underway March 2015 with completion scheduled for 2018.
S-441/State Road 7 road in Hollywood will widen to six traffic lanes with landscaped safety medians, dry retention areas for stormwater runoff, new lighting and sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and bus bays. In other words, making the area safer, more aesthetically pleasing and pesdestrian friendly.
With Seminole Hard Rock Casino 8 mins to the North and the Newly built Super Walmart 3 mins to the South. These lots are conveniently located on the corner of 441 and Arthur street and are prime for redevelopment.
This district zoning Regulations allow for Commercial Uses including Automotive sales, Consignment shops, Hotels or Motels, Offices, Pain Management Clinics, Pawnshops, Personal Services, Places of worship, Psychic help, indoor or outdoor retail, Thrift Shop, Schools, Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation centers Wholesaler and Warehousing.
441 is currently the busiest Street in all of Broward County!!
Grab these two lots before land values skyrocket post construction!!!
See info referenced here:
I have searched Hi and Low and I can’t find any other Commercial land for sale in Hollywood along State Road 7/441..NO ONE ELSE IS SELLING ACCEPT US!!!!.maybe we need our heads checked…….If you can manage to find anything similar on the market please let me know.

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